divMMC SinDiKat edition – yet another divMMC clone with following features, improvements and changes

divMMC SinDiKat edition

divMMC SinDiKat edition – main features

  • 512kiB RAM, 8kiB EEPROM
  • two micro SD card slots – on top and bottom side of PCB
  • kempston joystick interface
  • pre-installed latest esxDOS
  • old-school jumper configuration – +2A/+3 selection, Kempston disable and eeprom write disable
  • independent 4MHz clock generator
  • powered from computer, rev4.2 has reduced power consumption
  • optional RTC – real time clock chip Epson 72423, battery backup, port #03
  • fully supported by esxDOS / fully supports esxDOS

Support files for RTC

For divMMC without RTC chip you can download a dummy RTC driver:

User guide

English version of user guide

Czech version of user guide

divMMC SinDiKat rev.4.1

  • added voltage supervisor for more accurate RTC /CS signal handling during power on/off
  • simplified battery connection
  • it is still possible to disconnect the battery via the jumper on the top of the printed circuit board
  • black pcb for cool design 🙂
Main changes between rev.3 and rev4.1

Tested with the following computers:

  • ZX Spectrum 48, Issue 3,4,6
  • ZX Spectrum +, Issue 6
  • ZX Spectrum +128K, Issue 6A, 9G
  • ZX Spectrum +2
  • ZX Spectrum +2A, +2B
  • ZX Spectrum +3
  • Harlequin 48
  • Harlequin 128, Issue 2G
  • Didaktik Gama 88, 89, Kempston jumper disconnected
  • Didaktik M 1992, depending on computer condition

We recommend performing a recap for all types of computers.

divMMC rev.3
divMMC rev.3 + RTC
Running RTC chip
boxed divMMC

divMMC SinDiKat rev. 2

  • ideal for players and occasional speccy users
divMMC revision 2 without RTC chip